History Lesson!

As this prop is fairly new to the flow space, I'd love to take the opportunity to introduce you to the origins of the sun wheel. Many people do not know that the majority of the flow props we know today are based off of ancient martial arts weapons, and the sun wheel is no exception!

  • SOUL FLARE sun wheels are based off of a traditional Sikh martial arts weapon called a vadda chakkar, or gatka chakkar, which translates literally to "big wheel".

  • When in motion the gatka chakkar acts as a kind of shield, and weapons such as knives or iron balls were often attached to the ends.

  • Gatka is a martial arts system that incorporates spiritual, mental, and physical skills as a means of defense and self-control, and is a part of social and religious practices for Sikhs all over India. 

I feel honored to be able to share the magic of this prop with those who haven't seen it before, and I encourage anyone who is curious to do their own their own research into the rich history behind it!