I damaged my sun wheel... now what?

Don't fret! Depending on the issue, there are a variety of solutions available. If you are having issues with the ball lights, please see below. If your sun wheel suffered damage to the ring lights or USB, this often require a full rebuild. You can find that option here. You can also replace the USB by contacting your local electronics repair shop about soldering a new USB on.


I can't keep my sun wheel from tangling.

This is something that comes with practice! To avoid tangles, I recommend keeping the sun wheel momentum going whenever you want to come to a stop. Slow the spinning down gradually instead of coming to a immediate stop and you will greatly reduce your risk of getting tangled. 


One of the ball lights on my LED sun wheel seems to not be working properly.

UltraPoi offers a lifetime warranty on their lights! Please fill out the form at to begin the replacement process.


The lights are falling out of my LED sun wheel. Please help!

Lights falling out of the LED sun wheel are usually as a result of them not being properly installed in the silicone knobs after charging. Below you will find some photos that show exactly how the light should be positioned for the most secure hold. The use of clear rubber bands (included with purchase) is highly recommended for spinning in public places or if you are dropping your LED sun wheel often!

  • Make sure the knotting inside is pushed all the way up into the space there so that it stays in position.

  • Check that the cords going through the ball are positioned deep into the slits on either side.

  • When the light disk is in place, it should be pushed all the way in so that it is flush with the edge of the silicone knob. The LED should befacing inwards.

  • If the disk is not placed in this way it will be much easier for them to fall out. The use of clear rubber bands (included) is recommended for extra security!

Need more help?

Please feel free to reach out with any additional questions or concerns!